Classical Goats - Registered and Unregistered Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Classical Goats raises registered and unregistered Nigerian Dwarf Goats for home dairy, pets and general love of the animals.  We are located on a 3-acre farm in Salem, Oregon.
Classical Goats is operated by Sarah Thompson and her parents, Becky and Bill Thompson.
We began our herd with four unregistered dwarf Nigerians (three pregnant females and a wether).  Now, over a year later, we currently have six senior does, one first freshener, one senior kid, three juvenile does, one juvenile buck (destined to be a wether when he is old enough) and a buck.  Two of our does are on lease from Gladdie Acres Nigerians, also located in Salem, Oregon.
In addition to raising goats, we have a home-use dairy.  Twice a day we milk by hand. We use the milk to drink, cook, make ice cream but most of it goes to our homemade goat cheese.  We specialize in ricotta-based cheese which is flavored with everything from roasted garlic to dill/black pepper. We also produce several varieties of chevre, as well as cheeses such as mozzarella and cheddar.
Since nearly everyone loves goats, but not everyone can have goats, we welcome visitors for farm tours to see small-scale home dairy operations, meet the goats and enjoy samples of the cheese.
With over 30 years of custom saddle and tack repair, Bill Thompson also makes custom animal items, from collars and leashes to haybags, goat-coats and any variety of custom goat product someone wants to create.
If you are interested in meeting us and the goats, please email us at or call us at 503-930-0051 (Sarah) or 503-364-0854 (Bill and Becky).
Classical Goats is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association.
April 2010 - Classical Goats tested negative for CAE.
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